LabVouchers: Give young people an opportunity to do their own projects at a FabLab (together with their schoolmates).

Instrument: the lab voucher @ EUR 500.—

The Lab vouchers are supposed to be paid for by companies and other private organisations.

Companies cannot "choose" which workshops they are sponsoring.

Movitation of private organizations
- usability of machines, materials, products,
- smart people with smart ideas
- world wide community
Partners now

- FabLab The Hague, Utrecht, Amersfoort, Zuid-Limburg, Truck, KIX (Zwolle)

Seed-funding to create a few examples


- are LabVouchers a suitable instrument to create "demand"?

- ...
(see slide in Dutch)
Seed funding is needed to connect the (grassroots) FabLab to education as there are no structural links to schools.

"Demand driven" = students want the project and will have the energy and find the right contact within the school to make it happen. This approach has been found successful in two occasions.

Questions sponsors will ask
- What will happen with the money?
- What are the criteria for allocating the vouchers?

How to sell it to companies according to Peter Heßbrüggen (though he did not get the message)

1. We need voucher
2. How you manage that somebody gets the voucher?
Various suggestions and experiences from giving very concrete presentations.
Many more suggestions who could pay for the lab (mammies and daddies interested in their child's education).
Have several ways to distribute the vouchers (companies to give them to schools)
Keep the collaboration between the labs (strengths maybe not only being the local context, but maybe industry connections or school/kids-connections are different at different labs)
Use the truck for promo
In cities you earn a lot of money (Germany: up to EUR 600), NL experience EUR 150
3D chocolate printer

Questions asked: 

1. Why do you need seed funding en what happens when that funding is over?

2. Which organisations might sponsor? (Rotary, Local Brands, Parents companies)

3. Seperate Investment from process in the picture

4. Can I sponsor this workshop: so are there workshops available that I (sponsor) can sponsor? 

5. Is it an idea to organize a competition on a topic to generate attention and scarcity so that the group feels special they got a voucher.

6. What is in it for the sponsor?

7. Once the questions is formulated that needs to be solved by a workshop what happens then?

8. Can't you organize a workshop for 3000 eur with a professional company and dedicate then 10% of the income to free workshops for educational workshops?

9. Why don;t you make sponsor menu for companier including number 8 suggestion.

10. Why don't you bring the schools to the lab?

11. Why don't you lobby at the governnment level?

12. Why aren't the parents paying? Maybe in a birthday setting?

13. Why don't you put up a donationbox?

14. Why don't you have the FabTruck promote the program by visiting schools?

15. In gemany people pay up to 600 euro's for a birthdayhap; Mc Donalds is expensive too!