Ronen Kadushin - Open Design: Products in a networked culture
Paradigm of ind. design: designer makes design, takes it to producer who takes it to market. That is how it is taught. You are not in direct contact with your market, you are low in the hierarchy.
Internet changed everything for musicians etc, but not yet for designers.
Traditional design education: you need producer. 
he saw his friends (from music and other areas) going true a revolution
He finds it's unacceptible that producers or anyone have any power over if my products can be made.
Products used to have a vision, not anymore.
1950, the vision was described by products. 
But now we are in a transition, from a hierachical to a networked society. 
Theere is a struggle going on with the old system, look at occupy, or music downloading.
He's glad he can choose which vision he can follow. 
Now, how to put objects into a network? 
how it can be done
- digital information (CAD) is put on the internet
- Some IP are reserved.
- produced by cnc machine without special tooling
-everybody in the production chain can be in the network
Communication lines are short, everyone can talk to the designer, producer etc. Design is global, production is local.
He made the Eclipse light
Designed idiot proof. 
Everytime you make things more idiot proof, there come better idiots. 
An open design product is
Always available, even far in the future. even if it isn't physically not available. 
Designed native to the internet
It's simply, simple to improve/change the design. 
His first open design product: Flat Knot fruit bowl 
There is a gap between what is taught to designers and the times that have changed. You are for instance being taught to make things so that they can not be copied. 
Question: how is a physical object CC? R: People can copy it, but use it non commercial, and have to mention the maker. He does not control it. People have contacted R to ask if they can make and sell a couple, non commercially. People show respect, the stealing just doesn't happen. Part of the value of the product is the designers name on it.
He doesn't control the creative commons (check?)
A normal company makes series of products. So when they steal something first he (the designer) won't cooporate with them in the future. 
Made: Italic shelf. 
Insitute for advanced architecture of Catalonia
They looked at the italic shelf and started experimenting with it, using it for architecture. 
That is the power of open design, that someone else improves it.
Made: Square Dance table
Sturdy table, you can stand on, of 2mm thick stainless steel
A friend: a table only good for snorting cocaine. 
Made: Hack chair
He won't be making a ikea chair. 
Chair have to be a statement, they refer to previous chairs out of art history. Everything sounds like elevator music. Design is too nice and friendly.
Design is never shocking or disrupting. 
He wan't you to stop and think, what is this? 
This chair you can change if you want it to be nice and smooth, just download and round the corners.
his chair: aggressive, he wan't to say something with it. A lot of rage in this chair. 
But if you want to children around it, downoad it and make it round. 
Vitra? makes 1 to 6 replicas of chairs. 
He is his own Vitra  
He demonstrates how to fold a model of the chair in two seconds: click.
His trick: twist hinge (see presentation slides)
He shows a lot, a lot of variations of his chair, each having a different personality
- Hack
- Graffiti (expression of Berlin)
- Vague (indesition)
- Simpleton (formalism, bauhaus, being german)
- Flatveld 
Tel Aviv (international, busy
He also hang the waste material (and sold it with the chair)
Folding video's on vimeo
3D printing
more and more
better and better
Critical design: 
a anti conception device that costs between 4 and 800 euro's while the production costs are 10 cents. Why are these devices not available to women who need it, usually young women? R made a series of (not functioning) ones to show how cheap they should and could be.
120,- for a peice of anti pregnancy 
400,-, 800,- to put it in
Industry is making these cheap products, but selling them for high price, they can because of ip. 
Let's make it attractive for young girls. 
He added a disclaimer in red
(gets one out of his wallet)
 (Just in case he brought it)
 he gets a lot of reactions online. Also really angry ones.
A angry mail (why it doesn't work, because of the materials, that it's dangerous)
 It is not for inside womens bodies, but to put in peoples minds, to tell a vision about open design
Maybe this is a part of that citizen science. Maybe woman can go to a forward looking farmaceutical company
Made: iPhonekiller as an answer to the internet meme of what new phone would be the iphone killer
Did a steve jobs presentation in Holland 
Apple lovers hate him for it.
Reality TV
Piggybank (that can't store money)
Fake table clock 
Referring to other famous designs:
Guernica light
Plataalto vase
  the copyright was recently released, so he celebrated this with his own design
He's also a educator
If you introduces 3th years to open design something breaks inside them. He tell's them that they can choose. 
After three years of closed design school, students are shocked about open design. It's about personal expression, not about what the market wants.
you can still download the designs from this school. 
Students learn be think independantly.
Questions / Disscussion
Alex: how do you come to your design? Playing with paper? 
He can see exectly how his hinges wil fold on the computer. So his development is done on the computer. (Using Rhino)
  Wait, he can't? 
His oppinion, fablabbers are to much in love with their machines. Why not a machine free fablab ? 
He likes to send files to his producer, which he likes. 
He would use Fablab machines to check things/parts. But he prefers not to have these machines. 
Axel: do you know a hardware project where a lot of people are involved? 
He things the Makerbot is the most significant product of the 20th century. It wouldn't have bin possible without things like the internet. 
What if open design takes off? Like Flickr seems to influence the finance of photographers 
Designers strugle anyway (music, product, photographer)
He's not saying it's better, but he's giving it a try. T
But it's comming from the fablabbers, not the designers (they are brainwashed)